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July 21, 2019
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Social Media Trends for 2020

2020, like years before, brings excellent opportunities in the social media sphere if you can navigate around your competition. There’s a lot of noise, plenty of platforms, and for the small business owner, maybe too many choices. 

So, how do you pare it down?

The simple answer is to pay attention to what matters MOST, your audience. Make sure your social media strategy captures where they spend the most time and that you’re giving them what they need. Treat them as if they were standing right in front of you – because they are.

Here are a few trends to keep in mind for the coming year.

1) Get back to basics. 

Build relationships with customers, find out more about them, their interests, and challenges. Humanize your brand to create that connection.

2) Less is more.  

Focus on authenticity. Don’t be afraid of creating content that gets to the heart of issues that face everyone. Creating a desirable community rather than becoming a non-stop commercial is the better way to go. Believe it or not, search engines recognize and give a boost to pages that engage their audiences.

3) Diversify your social networks. 

It’s not only essential to understand your own audience, but you also need to understand the demographics using different platforms. While Facebook and Twitter & LinkedIn have longevity, other platforms have audiences you can tap into, like TikTok and Reddit, which might be worth exploring.

4) Data is still king.

We invest money in social media, implementation, content creation, and advertising, so it’s critical to know the results of those efforts. Make sure you have an analytics system in place so you can understand what’s going on. Then you can make adjustments to your strategy and maybe even your business plan. 

5) Don’t be a bore.

We have enough of that. Think about brands that engage through humor and strong visuals then consider ways you can be bold. Shoot your own videos, use animated gifs, amusing photos, whatever it takes to inspire YOUR audience. You may only have a short window to engage them, so it’s better to be real than to try and do “what everybody else” does.

6) Tell me a story.

Stories get attention if they’re relatable. Every one of your experiences, either good or bad, can become content because chances are others have experienced the same thing. If your story can help someone and provide value, it will come back to you. Don’t be afraid to share. It doesn’t make you vulnerable it makes you trustworthy.

7) Encourage user-generated content.

What your customers say about you is way more important than what you say about yourself.

Be with that. We are in an environment where people have access to social tools to make comments, good and bad any time they want. You must stay on top of that. It could be an AMAZING opportunity, but it can also cause BIG problems.

  • Take control. Request viewers to tag your brand in social posts.
  • Talk and interact with your fans through text and direct messaging.

There’s a big world out there with unlimited potential. Don’t fear it. Harness the small pieces that work for you and incorporate those which you can stick with and roll into your marketing strategy.

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